2020 Summer Lockdown Challenge… Day 1 This is only the Beginning!!

So what sort of idiot decides to cycle 1,000 miles in 10 days?


Yes that is me!

Today was my 1st Day of riding 100 miles a day. My intention was to do 10 completely different rides, but this mornings ride was so good I hope to finish with the same route on Monday 22nd!

Thankfully my legs feel ok tonight, as normally after my usual efforts on a Century I struggle to walk down stairs afterwards.😂😂

I’m completing each of these crazy rides on relatively gentle terrain, where my normal go-to routes find the steepest hills around, and I’m aiming to keep down to an average of 15mph to conserve energy. It’s still going to be an impossible task for an old man on a bike, but I’ll give it my best shot 🤞🤞🤞

Post ride recovery has been stepped up beyond my normal 5 min stretch & I’ve brought out the recovery protein shakes!

Porridge is my usual pre-ride meal and that’s not changing… BUT, I’ve gone all “techno mad” and spent a day last week scouring YouTube for best nutrition during rides for endurance – A certain Nigel Mitchell (who I’ve met) is famous nutrition expert for pro cycling teams & his video for GCN tickled my fancy – so I have Rice Cooker & spent a fortune at Tesco on ingredients for various rice cake recipes to last months on end!!

My 1st batch was sweet, with Apricot, Apple, Cream Coconut & Cinamon – Deeeeelish!!!

Anyway, back to ride 1 of 10 – Lots of off-road including Ashton Canal past Emptihad, Middlewood Way to Macclesfield (my favourite off-road trail), East Lancs Cycle Path, and the good old Worsley Loopline! Some very nice lanes around Congleton, Jodrell Bank and Goostrey. A very enjoyably

103 miles.

Tomorrow I’ve got my No 1 cycling buddy Danny Collins for company, so the miles will hopefully pass much quicker – Southport is destination for a nice Breakfast Barm 😉😉

I need to express a special thank you to my favourite bike mechanic Graham Nabb who has kindly offered his services free of charge to make sure my “steed” for this challenge makes it to the end (my legs are my worry 😂)He has given my trusty Cannondale a good going over just recently, so fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞

One thought on “2020 Summer Lockdown Challenge… Day 1 This is only the Beginning!!

  1. Hello,
    A long shot I know but would you have Graham Nabb’s contact details please.
    I live in Bolton, local to him and was hoping he still carries out carbon repairs on bikes.
    He has done work for me before.
    I’m quite happy for you to pass him my email address if he’s still local and working.
    Thank you.


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