2020 Lockdown Cycle Challenge, Day 8… Liverpool Waterfront & Southport

Day 8 of my 1,000 mile Cycling Challenge…

I’ve now covered 829 miles in 8 days! With just two more days remaining I am looking forward now! No longer am I only thinking of just getting through today’s ride, as the goal is now not far away 🤞🤞🤞

I hope that I’ve had the worst of Mother Nature’s summer storms and my body is going to hold up for two more efforts!

Today was probably the best I’ve felt on the bike in all eight centuries completed. Granted, the route was the flattest ride of all & we had a great tailwind from Liverpool up to Banks, North of Southport, where the miles seemed effortless at 22mph!! Steve Mosley did a sterling job in getting me around the route & he treated me to the best breakfast barm you can get! The Kings garden Tea room in Southport has featured in so many of my rides in this challenge 😂😂😂

The highlight of this route for me is the Waterfront ride from Speke up to the impressive Royal Liver Building and the Waterfront which is a stunning mix of old and new fantastic architecture!! I simply love Liverpool Waterfront!!!

We had a coffee & chocolate brownie stop just off the front, then I said to Steve, it’s about 10 miles to cafe – that turned out to be more like 18 🤭🤣, but we were in the groove with a great tailwind & it was like “chainganging” – We flew into Southport!!

After breakfast we continued up to Banks then made our way thru Holmeswood to the A59 at Rufford – another short pit stop at one of my Brothers, Dave Tonge who refilled our “bidons” and we had 15 mins chatting in the garden about the new family members (chickens)! It was my sister in laws birthday too, so it was lovely to wish Liz Tonge Many Happy Returns in person – Liz had just done her birthday Run – another Tonge that loves a challenge 😍😍🎉🥂

Homeward bound now, via Croston, Euxton and picking up the A6 at Chorley! We headed away from the A6 just after Fredrick’s (they’ve now opened up the main shop & not just the ice cream van), as I find the A6 is a bit of a grind and the three busy roundabouts on a Saturday lunchtime fill me with dread, so Grimeford Village (I was now firmly fixed to Steve’s rear wheel 😉🤪) and onto Chorley New Rd in Horwich – The run straight into Bolton from there for me was going to be a “piece of cake”!

Steve peeled off at Regent Rd to head home via Chew Moor and I just coasted home!!

Tomorrow I’m back with my No 1 buddy Danny Collins who will join me for the 3rd & final time on my challenge – looking forward to showing him Shear Brow in Blackburn 🤭🤣🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️

For the first time (now I shouldn’t say this) I am beginning to believe I can complete this crazy challenge. Barring any disasters I’m feeling like my YOUNG body (I got reminded by an LRC member Frank Kelly that to describe myself as an old man in cycling world is well off the mark, he’s 84 and going strong) is holding up & I’m feeling strong-ish!!

Keep everything crossed for me for next two days folks 🤞🙏🚴🏻‍♂️

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